Donations Reach $80M To Nonprofits

PickUpMyDonation started from recognizing a problem. It was extremely time consuming and difficult to make donations to nonprofits. Between the phone calls and leaving messages, donating was not an easy or enjoyable experience. Thus, in 2012 PickUpMyDonation was born, creating a way to donate to nonprofits in the most convenient way right from your phone or computer.

How To Donate

Simply put it in your zip code and follow the 4 simple steps. We even come at times specified by you for your convenience. In some cases, nonprofits are unable to pick up donations. There is also an option for donors who need their stuff gone through our national partner such as College Hunks Hauling Junk.

Where We Are Now

PickUpMyDonation has grown a lot since 2012. We now have over 8,000 partners and receive over 10,000 donation requests each month! As of recently, we hit $80,000,000 in value to nonprofits! Our team is so excited to be a part of the solution for so many nonprofits. They contribute so much to our communities and we look forward to seeing what the future holds. This would not have been possible without the support and donations given by people such as yourself every day. We are beyond grateful and look forward to reaching even more milestones in the future.’s list of pick up providers includes independent stores from Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Habitat for Humanity, The Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Disabled American Veterans, AmVets, and many other independent nonprofits.

If you are a nonprofit who could benefit from additional donation requests, check out our Free Partnership and our Exclusive Partnerships to begin increasing the quality and quantity of donations you receive!