The “Priority” Opportunity

About a year ago I had an “I wonder” idea:

“I wonder what all the junk haulers do with the items of value that they pick up when they are cleaning out homes.”

I understood the habits of the typical donor.  As well as understood the self imposed limitations of the transportation teams in the stores I am involved with.  I knew there had to be a fit.  After calling around, I quickly realized that in most cases there was not a good home for these items outside of the landfill.  I quickly made a connection with a new College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise in Knoxville, and that’s when the magic happened.  The solution this relationship provided was unparalleled by anything else in the industry.

The Non- Profit:

  • Has limited capacity for pick up
  • Doesn’t pick up everything
  • Is seeking more donations

The “Junk Hauler:

  • Has plenty of capacity
  • Will pick up everything
  • Is seeking a home for items of value to reduce landfill cost

It makes sense these connections would be easy right? They are until personalities get involved. The typical conversation in these relationships is between a truck driver and the back room personnel. We would hear “they are too picky” or “they dropped off junk” when that communication should have been between the management.

When these relationships reach a level of importance where all involved understand the servant roles each organization plays for the other, the synergy is amazing.  If you are using, we have the solution built in.  If our goal is to increase donations (sellable items), these organizations can help.  All you have to do is ask.